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mikeynholly 02-11-2007 12:12 PM

leaking bathtub
I am not sure where to start. My tub is leaking (hence the title :) ). I cut a hole in the ceiling to see the area better and I have the advantage that a closet shares a wall with the shower where the faucets are and a hole has been cut so I can see the pipes. It looks like it is coming from the cold faucet (there is a wet spot in the drywall at that point) The drain is leaking, and it looks like it is leaking behind the spout.
I am up for lots of ideas or suggestions, but my main concern is how do I fix or reseal the drain, as it looks like it is coming from the pipes on the under side.

Any thoughts anyone?
Sorry for the lengthy message:wink:


majakdragon 02-11-2007 01:50 PM

Lets start with the drain. You need to be sure "where" the water is coming from. Could be a "slip-joint nut", the pipe itself, or the flange inside the tub may need to be resealed with plumbers putty. Find the spot it's leaking and we will work from there.
The cold water leak could be a bad solder joint (if piping is copper), or a bad cement joint if it's plastic pipe. Again, find the spot it's leaking at.
The spout. Look under the spout where it contacts the wall. If there is a slot, there is an allen screw that holds the spout onto the pipe. There are also "O" ring(s) that form the seal between the spout and pipe. Loosen or remove the screw and, with a twisting motion, pull the spout off and inspect the ring(s). Replace if necessary. If no slot, it screws onto the supply pipe. Turn the spout counter-clockwise and unscrew it. Re-dope with either teflon tape or joint compound. Screw it back on until the spout faces down and then recaulk around the base. NOTE: It MAY be that the leak is coming from a bad seal around the base of the spout (especially if you have a shower also). Check this area first. Good luck and let us know what you find.

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