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darsunt 04-15-2008 11:48 PM

Leak on gas heater water line?
I discovered a serious leak on the flexible copper cold water supply line to our main water heater. The leak seems to be coming out from just behind the fitting that screws onto the straight copper pipe.

I shut down most of the leak by tightening the fitting, but there is still a very tiny seepage, you can only feel it.

What could cause this leak? And will simply replacing the flexible line take care of the problem?

An odd note, the shutoff valve is located on the HOT water line. Which means I'm trying to figure out how to replace the leaking line without filling the entire supply system with air.

Gencon 04-16-2008 06:11 AM

There should never be a shut off valve on the hot line.

What kind of fitting is it? Compression? Flare?
Can you tighten it some more?
Why is there a fitting-is it a coupling?

Its really not a big deal draining the system, you simply run each tap until the water runs smoothly to bleed out any air when you're done.

Ron The Plumber 04-16-2008 08:55 AM

You might need to replace this line all together to fix it.

darsunt 04-16-2008 03:57 PM

Maybe I used the wrong term. It is the nut at the end of the copper flex line that screws into the water line. The water was leaking out of the back of the nut.

What could have caused this leak? It is possible somebody bumped the line, but it may have happened without anyone touching it. Could the flexible line have been bad, a bad washer?

Anyways the leaked stopped for now. I'll leave it alone and keep an eye on it.

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