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Ralex 12-03-2007 02:05 PM

Leak in garage of new construction home
We purchased a new home in July of this year. It has a 1 yr warranty. We have been experiencing stormy weather for the past 3 days and noticed yesterday a substantial leak in between the sheetrock panels in our garage. We had the contractor come by today and he said a sheet of flashing was missing on the roof which caused the leak. He also said that it would dry out just fine without rooming and replacing any sheetrock. I am concerned that there may be water damage to the wood underneath if we are not going to take the sheetrock off and let it dry. They cannot get someone out to fix the roof for another day or so. He said that he has temporarily patched it.
Is he just trying to get out of repairing the potential damage correctly? Should I insist the drywall be removed and replaced?

ponch37300 12-03-2007 03:16 PM

The drywall should be taking off and allowed to dry. Is there insulation in the wall? I would ask the builder to stand behind his word that the drywall doesn't have to come off and give you a writtin 10 year warrenty against any mold or damage in that area and see if he wants to do that or replace the sheet of drywall.

moneymgmt 12-05-2007 12:28 PM

I'd take off the drywall without question. Best case scenario, he fixes the roof, no more leak, let it dry out, put the dw piece back up. Worst case scenario, he has no idea where the leak is really coming from, doesn't want to pay to take shingles off, the leak continues, your walls rot from the inside and mold grows. If that dw stays wet, over time it will turn to powder and crumble. It seems odd to me that they neglected just one piece of flashing..... I'm not saying he's buttering you up, but contractors tend to be optimists when it comes to problem solving at their cost.

joasis 12-05-2007 01:36 PM

Document your concerns, with photos, and dates, and they type it up completely, and include the contractor's statement, and a place for him to sign that it will not be a problem.....if he signs, he is on the hook, but I would guess he will say he is going to remove the rock to "satisfy" you, even though he "knows" there isn't a problem. Nothing less then this will cover could take a year for mold to get going where it is noticeable, especially outside of the living area.

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