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bdwhite1 06-24-2007 03:56 AM

Laundry Tub
Hi all,

I have one of those deep plastic wash basins/laundry tubs that you see in laundry rooms most of the time that I want to install in my garage. The wall I plan to place it next to has a 4" PVC waste drain pipe behind it. That pipe handles the waste from the master water closet, tub, shower, etc and I think for the washing machine all of which are above the garage. My question is, by code (Fulton County/Atlanta, GA), can I tap into that waste drain pipe or do I need to provide a seperate drain for that tub? The waste pipe goes into a septic system. Can I just make the tub drain straight to the outside of my house? My overflow pan under the washing machine currently does this? All I am planning to use the tub for is washing hands, tools, etc after working outside in the yard. If I drained it outside, it would go onto my driveway and drain away to the yard. I might also use the tub to wash water based paint off brushes and such. I don't know what else, but nothing that would do damage to the yard. Probably draining to the septic would be better, but I don't know about the code for tying into the existing waste drain.

Thanks for you help,


Darylh 06-24-2007 09:58 AM

This set up would not be any different than if you had a bathroom directly below another in a 2 story house in which they use the same waiste line.

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