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mikev88 12-31-2009 10:57 PM

Laundry room plumbing
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Well, happy new year to everyone. As a new owner of an old home, here I am at 23 45 thinking about my plumbing!

I want to install a laundry room in my basement. I would like to know if the picture attached makes any sense or is it completely forbidend. The left will be connected to a 3 inch main drain that is vertical. The P trap will go to the washing machine standpipe. The other pipe will go about 4 feet further, then 90 degree and another about 4 feet. This is just to drain a small sink I want to install in my adjacent garage, no big usage there just to wash hands and such. There are other way to do this, but I want to keep the pipe that goes to the sink as low as possible as it is already pretty high (18inch at begining) and it has some distance to do...

Also venting is problematic. Loop vent or AAV, I can do either but where ? I can install a small AAV for the sink and a bigger one for the washer?

Thanks a lot to anyone that can help!

mikev88 01-01-2010 03:10 PM

really nobody?

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