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mazzonetv 11-15-2009 10:27 AM

laundry room floor drain

This week I am going to start converting an extra bedroom on my 2nd floor to a laundry room. I just picked up the Samsung front loaders - so we'll see how true that commercial is about noise :no:

In any case, The room will be used as a laundry room and office and I really wanted to put prefinished hardwood floors in the room to match the rest of the house. I was originally planning on putting ceramic tile down under the machines and a curb around the machines - with a floor drain in the middle of the tile, but the stands that go under the machine won't open if there is a curb in front of the machine. I am already planning on using the SS floodsafe hoses - that automatically stut off if they burst. I'll have an auto shut off valve installed in case of a water leak as well, but I still wanted to put in a floor drain just in case. So the question is, could I put a floor drain in the hardwood floors under the machine? I know if there is a flood the hardwood would get ruined but I hate to put tile in this room. Any suggestions???

Thank you!

gabriel246 11-15-2009 08:54 PM

Laundry Room Drain
This is another idea I saw in ASK THIS OLD HOUSE.The reason you want
to put a drain is to avoid having problems with the floor and any damage
it may cause on the room below. They (at this old house) installed
a metal pan underneath the washer with a special switch which shuts
any water once the pan is filled. You simply empty the pan after it is full
of water. This is just another idea.

AllanJ 11-16-2009 09:20 AM

Nothing prevents you from installing a floor drain, but the floor might not be pitched favorably and water may still accumulate elsewhere in the room if you had a catastrophe.

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