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skipjack 09-29-2008 03:47 PM

Kitchen sink rough-in...
I've rerouted some of my plumbing on my kitchen remodel and I have a question.

What are the standard rough-in locations for the supply lines and drain pipe for a kitchen sink?

I did a little internet research and I found one mention that says the hot and cold should be 23 1/4" above the floor and 4" left and right of the center of the sink. Also, the drainpipe should protrude 8" left of center (for a dual basin) and be 16" off the floor.

I just wanted a second opinion from some real plumbers before I start getting high on PVC cement. ;)

Termite 09-29-2008 04:00 PM

Stick to what works. This isn't something that necessarily requires tape measure precision. If you're stubbing the drain out of the wall, go 12" or so above the floor to allow room for cabinets and room to work. You just don't want to get it too high...That would be tough to deal with.

If you're coming through the floor, give yourself several inches of offset from the closest sink drain.

Pop the supply lines through wherever you want. Do what looks good or is easiest for you.

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