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adams33064 05-18-2010 02:59 PM

kitchen sink plumbing w/extra pipe
there is a pvc pipe coming out of the toe kick of the cabinets where my plumbing is for my kitchen sink. can somebody tell me what that may be? this is a house we are looking at purchasing

tpolk 05-18-2010 03:04 PM

poor mans vent?

ttech 05-18-2010 03:27 PM

Some Central vac systems have a suction port in the toe kick to sweep debris to.

adams33064 05-18-2010 03:28 PM

not exactly sure what that is.

Scuba_Dave 05-18-2010 03:35 PM

Did you take a picture ?

The Engineer 05-18-2010 03:35 PM

What size pipe? Is it open ended or does it have a cap? it could be a cleanout, or vent, or something leftover (abandoned) from a previous renovation, or some sort of drain pipe contraption the previous owners put in for some sort of portable unit.

adams33064 05-18-2010 03:41 PM


Originally Posted by Scuba_Dave (Post 443734)
Did you take a picture ?


yes, but can't figure out how to post it.

Scuba_Dave 05-18-2010 03:50 PM

You need to upload it as an attachment

Or host it on photobucket, flickr or some other photo site

adams33064 05-18-2010 03:55 PM

Scuba_Dave 05-18-2010 04:02 PM

Well the trap is wrong
And if that pipe connects into it BIG problem

The Engineer 05-18-2010 04:21 PM

OMG!! there are so many things wrong with that picture!

adams33064 05-18-2010 04:27 PM

how, bad a fix.

protechplumbing 05-18-2010 04:58 PM

If the kitchen is that screwed up, it would be a good idea the hire a licensed master plumber to inspect the rest of the plumbing before you close on the house. Plumbing can drain your wallet real fast if done wrong.

Think: Floods, explosions, fires, poisoning, mold, scalding.

Just because the house is pretty, does not mean the "guts" are ok.

oh'mike 05-18-2010 05:44 PM

Protec has the right idea---hire a skilled plumber to look the house over for you.

The cost may not be to bad---I inspect the 'bones' of a house very cheaply,knowing that I will be the one seeing to the fix if the customer buys the house.

You can see that some one quite clueless touched the plumbing--could be a quick fix--or an expensive one. Best to pay a few bucks now and make an educated decision.


Scuba_Dave 05-18-2010 05:46 PM

Plus the plumbing that has to be fixed is $$ off the cost of the house
It can get expensive real quick

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