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shaffer 10-21-2012 10:42 AM

Kitchen sink, broken drainpipe
A bit of background: I own an old house, concrete slab, no crawlspace, clay drainpipes. We've had problems with roots in the pipes, and recently had our local plumber/septic crew out to root the kitchen drain line, because it was backing up and flooding the kitchen.
He rooted the line, and left some instructions for me to do repair work to the connection to the floor drain pipe to prevent future spill into the kitchen if the system backs up again - they have a higher opinion of my plumbing skills than I do. I'm amateur at best - I know enough to wrap threads in teflon tape - other than that, I'm a computer guy.
His instructions:

get rid of furnco & install a 3" clean out, schedule 40 pvc. Put new pipe directly into line, rubber seal around! that way more back up under floor & dishwasher
It looks like a big chunk of the drain pipe is broken off & gone - so rather than using the rubber fernco to push down onto it, he wants me to put a pvc pipe directly into the drain pipe, and install a cleanout. See the pics below for an idea of what I'm looking at.
My questions:
Is this something possible for an amateur to do, or should I call a plumber?
Is this worthwhile? Can it be sealed by cramming pvc down into the drainpipe and filling the cracks with some kind of sealant?

If I should proceed, then what advice can you give me?
Am I going to have to cut off the pvc pipe above the fernco connector? Everything's old under there, and the proximity of the copper pipe next to the drain concerns me - old copper can spring leaks pretty easy.
What should I use as "rubber seal around"? I'm not sure if I should be pumping caulk down into that pipe to try to seal around a piece of pvc - I wouldn't want to cause my own clog by pumping crud down into there.

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