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xtrips 02-13-2010 01:27 PM

Kitchen Faucet + shower diverter: Need help

I have this Dorn & Bracht kitchen faucet with a separate mixer handle and a shower alongside. Between them and beneath the sink there is an "automatic" diverter. What it does is as described:
- when you open the mixer the water flows to the faucet and only to it
- if you lift the shower and press its attached lever, the water stops flowing to the faucet and is diverted to the shower, and this until you release the shower lever

Now all this is fine and sophisticated until the day its broken.
Now I always have some water flowing to the shower when using the faucet.
And if I use the shower, I still have some water coming out from the faucet along with horrendous noises and vibrations.
At first I suspected the diverting mechanism beneath the sink to be responsible for the problem. So I replaced the core of that piece. But it didn't help.
Nevertheless, when I was dismantling and rebuilding that whole system I noticed something interesting.
When the shower handle was not attached to its flexible pipe and the water was flowing through that pipe freely, no water was routed to the faucet, and no noises were to be heard.
So I concluded that the shower handle itself was the problem.
I guess that when not in use it is probably supposed to be completely sealed, and diverter does the rest.
And when in use then it probably should offer no resistance so as to have the diverter divert all the water to it somehow.

Now, I dismantled the shower to some point but couldn't find any obvious reason.
This is where i need your help.


xtrips 02-14-2010 03:27 PM


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