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krtw 05-07-2006 12:49 AM

Kitchen drain smell
I have an annoying smell that comes from my kitchen sink drain, kind of a musty smell. I have poored cleaners down there and it helps for awhile but the same smell comes back. Normally I keep the stoppers in the drains, its a divided sink so there are two drains, so I don't have to smell it. The plumbing for the sink and new garbage disposal is only 1 year old and there is a trap. Maybe some foaming drano would help clean it out? I can't imagine it should be all that bad considering how new it all is.


MinConst 05-07-2006 05:17 AM

It is probably the garbage disposal. They stink when not used enough. The food tends to stick in them. Not allot but enough to smell. My wife puts something in it once in awhile to kill the oder. I remember once I just put a little shampoo that smelled good in one to hide the smell.

LEudaly 05-07-2006 12:34 PM

I had this problem in my last house. I used lemons, detergents and smell good everything - it worked for a little while but always came back. What finally worked for me was a heavy duty plumber type draino solution I got at home depot. According to the plumber who suggested it said to let it sit for several hours and add every hour or so. It ate the fungus/bacteria/trash that was causing that smell.

It worked for 4-6 months or so but I had to continue to use the solution to keep the smell at bay.

Good luck,

Mike Swearingen 05-13-2006 08:51 AM

I've always have good luck with non-caustic enzyme-based drain cleaners, such as DrainCare.
You just run a little warm water, pour it in per the directions, let it "eat" out all organic matter overnight, and then flush it down with very hot water (I start with a kettle of boiling water).
Gets rid of odor, cleans out the sluggish sludge build-up on pipe walls, etc.
Whatever works for you.

lynda -h 03-07-2010 09:20 AM

kitchen sink odor
I am having the same problem. I don't have a garbator but my house is only 2.5 years old. I don't have any long term solutions but would love to hear about one. My husband has sprayed Fabreez down the drain and then put the stoppers in place. That helps for awhile but smell does come back.

Alan 03-07-2010 11:53 AM

for future reference, click the 'new thread' button to start your own topic. This one is only 4 years old :laughing:.

One thing to check is how much water is the trap holding? Sometimes they can siphon out and then you're getting sewer gas smells.

lynda -h 03-07-2010 12:50 PM

How can I check to see if there is water collecting in the trap.

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