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DIYaholic 01-13-2010 04:18 PM

Kitchen Drain Dilemma
Hey Everyone,
Ok here is the deal, for the past week my kitchen sink has been completely clogged no movement what so ever, this is the only thing blocked in the house. This is in a house in IL.

What I have done (but nothing has worked):
1. Started out with a plunger and drain cleaners.
2. Than Used the CO2 bullet gun.
3. Than went out and rented the 1/2 inch wide, 25ft snake drill. it went all 25 ft but didnt work.
4. Thought that the clog might be farther down the line went back and rented the 50ft snake with cutting blades. Snaked more than 13 times and went all the way 50 ft and could hear the wire go from the kitchen drain pipe to the main 4 inch drain line.

After snaking i tried to run the water by directly pouring it in to the drain pipe, it only took less than 1 liter before it backed up again. So what ever is causing the clog has to be close by other wise the auger would have drained rest of the water down the line.

The pipe setup:
I took everything out from under the sink and was directly snaking in to the drain pipe which goes down to the basement and than connects to the main drain line. One thing that i did find out was that we got to separate vents pipes going thru the roof and this could be were my problem lies. It seems like because the kitchen drain is far from the Main vent line they put in another vent line directly above the kitchen. and the only thing i can think of now is that because of leaf and ice that vent is completely blocked.
Can't go up the roof in this weather and try something so tell me if this is a good idea, i was thinking of going in the attic and cutting the vent pipe and than seeing if it is clogged and than just duct tapping it shut. Or do you guys think it something other than the vent. I did some research and also asked a plumber at home depot and he said that it is very rare to have the drain completely blocked due to a vent clog (may be i am that lucky and rare).

jlhaslip 01-13-2010 04:29 PM

did you confirm that the sink trap is clear?

DUDE! 01-13-2010 05:30 PM

I wouldn't go cutting the vent pipe, if you want to cut pipe, cut out a section where you see the kitchen pipe drain into the main sewer pipe. Take a look and see if you have a clean-out close by that area. Personally, the problem with using drain cleaners is when you now go to plunging the drains and taking pipes apart, be careful. They make diaphrams that connect to a garden hose that expand to give water pressure to a clog, me, I sometimes use a towel pressed over the opening with a garden hose turned on strong to force the clog apart.

liquidplumber 01-13-2010 07:20 PM

The line is plugged solid with grease. When you pull the snake out it closes right back up.The fact that it is not draining at all means it is not a venting issue.You need to be introducing hot water while you are snaking and you should be using an aggressive head on the snake......good luck

DIYaholic 01-13-2010 08:23 PM

thanks for replying guys
Ok from the top:
1. yes traps are clear, they are not even attached right now.
2. I am not worried about the liquid because I all be cutting or may be drilling a hole at the top in the attic so it should be just clear and only air.
3. I used a 1 inch wide snake with a about 1-1/2 wide head with cutting blades on top which i ran thru more than 13 times and every time they came out clean. i was also thinking about using hose with the drain king attachement which pretty much does the same thing.

I will just punch a hole with a drill in the vent pipe from the attic and see if its clear or starts to drain, if that doesn't work than go with the drain king.

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