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Raouf 11-14-2009 01:30 AM

jammed Brass overflow stopper
I am trying to remove a brass stopper that seems to be jammed so that the tub drain does not drain. Trip lever has broken off and I can see with a camera scope that the stopper is jammed solid in there. I have tried some wd40 and viniger to disolve the may be corrosion that may cause the issue. I have hooked the stopper to try to pull it out. Also the stopper seems to be hallow in the middle cause when empty water inside over flow the water flows freely down the drain.
Any suggestions to how to remove it? I live in a condo where the only access is thru the neighbors ceiling and I am trying to avoid that route.
thanks in advance to all suggestions.

Just Bill 11-14-2009 06:11 AM

The tub stopper is a machine fit where it blocks the tub drain, but it should never fit so tightly it can't be pulled up. And it is usually hollow, the sides are what blocks the water. It could only be corroded if it has been there a long time. If it is as tight as you describe, the only way to free it may be to take the whole assembly out. That is often not as simple as it sounds since it has usually been there as long as the house has been there, and there is rarely enough room for two hands and tools under there.

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