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CCarlson 02-17-2009 08:55 PM

iron vent pipe broken at fitting
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Any ideas on how to approach this one?
We're getting a room ready for our firstborn (due in June), and I was scoping out a run for a new electrical circuit. I checked in a "box" built into a corner of the nursery, and found this pipe.

The pipe is a vent pipe for a first floor bathroom sink. Upon closer inspection, I saw the pipe had come out of its fitting, possibly several years ago. There is some vertical play, but very little horizontal play.

Oh, and the fitting is about 10" into the wall (it's a boxed-in corner of the room, next to the 2nd floor bathroom, no service panel). There is no odor whatsoever, and I see no evidence of condensation/moisture.

Any advice on how I can re-connect this would be appreciated! Especially if I don't need to tear down walls or call in the pros.

Wildie 02-17-2009 09:55 PM

Years ago, I had a similar problem! At the time (before reciprocating saws) I made cuts using a hacksaw blade at 3,6,9and 12 o'clock right down to the valley of the threads. Then, using a pointed drift I was able to drive it in between the cuts and peel the sections out!
A reciprocating saw would make this much easier!

Of course, the threads are damaged, but giving them a liberal coating of silicon caulk and screwing in an ABS threaded adapter a solid connection can be made. The vent pipe isn't under pressure, it just needs to contain fumes!
A section of ABS pipe is glued in and connected to the shortened galvanized pipe using neoprene sleeve and hose clamps!

4just1don 02-17-2009 10:54 PM

If I see what I see in the bottom pic,,,you have 3 elbows running around in a giant u shape. Is this the same pipe that is rusted off in the top pics?? IF this drains water I would cut most of this out,put ONE plastic elbow and maybe a cleanout tee if it helps you any and straight from where it comes thru joist to where this pipe runs too,,,in other words cut out ALL the steel pipe and hook this new plastic,right to that cast stack threads. Even if it is JUST air vent,but the newer plastic says it drains water or it would still be steel also!! Previous poster had right idea on removing threads,,careful,dont damage it!!

CCarlson 02-18-2009 07:40 PM

Thanks for the tips!
It looks like plastic in the 3rd pic, but it's just painted metal. Not sure why they'd choose to paint it.

But the same people thought it'd be a great idea to have the whole upstairs on a single 20-amp circuit, and decided not to run air ducts to this bedroom or the adjacent bathroom :eek:. Both problems I'm addressing now- ran a duct to the bedroom and a 240v baseboard heater in the bath.

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