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intermittent water flow

Hey guys, I have a strange issue with my water flow to all my faucets, showers, & toilets. I can turn on my shower & the flow will be normal for both cold & hot water while it runs for maybe a minute or two, then all of a sudden it completely stops flowing in the shower, every faucet in the house as well. Then wait for sometimes up to 10 minutes until it starts back flowing normally everywhere in the house. Trying to figure this out is driving us crazy. Please help.


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Sounds like the main water line coming into your house is sucking in air somehow.


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I'm assuming you're on town water -- if you have a well, please let us know.

Do you have a pressure tank (looks like a propane tank) attached anywhere on your water lines? It could be a partial blockage in your water main, so your system can get pressure built up in the tank. (<-- That's a total brainfart theory, I don't even think that a standard-sized pressure tank would give you 1-2 min of shower water flow. If you have a large one, then maybe).
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slow flow problem fixed

Hey guys, thanks for responding to me on this issue on the almost non existent water flow we "HAD" almost two weeks ago. Yes I had it looked at by a plumber & his sidekick electrician this past weekend starting on a Friday evening, & by Monday ( yeah, I know- 3 days later ) we have problem solved. We're on a private well here, shallow / drilled I presume it is. Anyway, we took it ALL apart from the ground up, & had everything replaced with brand new parts. From the foot valve, injector housings, new lines running from down in well up to the top where the pump, tank, pressure switch, all new fittings, connectors, & wiring. We primed the pump after installation, it would not build enough pressure to get up to the proper cut off cycle. Mind you, this is all new parts, yet still after priming it over I know 30 times, no water would work long enough to hold pressure. We thought maybe the new lines were not deep enough down in the well, but we double checked everything, took it back apart, reconnected it back up more than 5 times. The sad thing is, it was a simple thing of having some rust that broke off & clogged the jets inside the injector housing where the foot valve goes! Took that completely apart, cleaned it out, hooked it up, ran pressure from water hose through all the lines, no trash was present. The pump finally took a prime, & water is back running normal again! Maybe this will help someone else who might run into same problems. Always check for trash in foot valve, I know I will from now on! Thanks for listening, signed polkdawg
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