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newb 01-28-2010 05:21 PM

Installing Utility Sink
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I want to install a utility sink in garage and there are some existing plumbing drain lines that I wanted to know if I could access to tie into my sink drain line.

I've included some photos to help explain what I would like to know and would like to get some other opinions.

There is a y-fitting that is capped and there is a fitting at the floor level that is capped. The y-fitting has a cap glued in and the fitting near the floor looks to be something I could unscrew with a wrech. Not entirely sure though as I don't have experience with this type of stuff. I would like to know if I can use either one of these to tap into to install my drain line for the sink. Which would be best to use (if any) in your opinion?

As you can see in picture #1 (furthest left) there is also a cap that sticks out on the left hand side. I believe the home used to have a water softener. Is this an area I can tap into?
Picture #4 (furthest right) shows more of the plumbing. That coming out of the rear wall is toilet and that from above is bathroom sink/possibly kitchen/laundry and that going into wall on right is the shower.


Garage Detailer 02-05-2010 12:17 AM

To me that cap looks more like a clean-out. I am by no means a licensed plumber, but I think you probably can install a sink into the drain. I would cut that section out and reinstall the clean-out down under the sink tap near the floor so you still have access. PS: consult a local plumber regarding your codes.

Alan 02-05-2010 12:35 AM

What are the other lines coming out the top of that piping? IE : The one thats fully exposed, and the one disappearing into the wall.

It should be no big deal to hook up a utility sink there, but you'll need to vent it somehow, hence my asking about the other two lines.

first off, your elevation with a utility sink can be a problem. We normally rough our drains in at 16". Too much higher and you won't be able to hook up to the tailpiece on the sink.

The way I would do it :
1: Cut in a 2"x2"x2" Sanitary tee as low as possible, and point it horizontally in the direction of the area you want to install the sink.
2: Run a 2" drain line on grade 1/4" per foot toward where you want to install your utility sink.
3: Use a 2" Long sweep 1/4 bend to turn your horzontal drain into a vertical drain. USE A LEVEL! (torpedo's work great)
4: above the long sweep, cut in a 2" x 1-1/2" x 1-1/2" sanitary tee. 2" side down, 1-1/2" side sticking out perpendicular to the wall, and the other 1-1/2" outlet to be used for vent.
5: route your 1-1/2" vent to another accessible vent, travel only uphill from the fixture, or flat. No opposite grade allowed.

Clear as mud? :laughing::yes:

Edit : it looks like there's a cleanout in the floor too. Is that one functional? If not, you can always cut a new cleanout fitting above where you cut in your sanitary tee on that drain.

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