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installing a sump pump in the basement

Hi , MY question is , when i'm installing a sump pump in my basement, hoe deep should i dig the floor and where to lie the pipe? next to the footing or over the footing ? if next to he footing how far ?


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If you are talking about perforated drain tile, the bottom of the 4" pvc pipe should be next to the footing and about the same level of the pipe plus you was a couple inches of clean gravel (not rock) under the pipe. The pipe should be level let the water run into the sump.

I hope you were talking about perforated drain tile/pipe.



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To lay drain tile or pipe around the perimeter of the basement, do not dig the trenches deeper than the lower surface of the foundation footings.

This may in turn limit how much gravel you can lay under the pipes.

Line the trench (don't wrap the pipe) with porous cloth intended for the purpose or with weed control cloth. This is needed to keep fine dirt from infiltrating the trench and getting into the perforated drain pipes. The add the gravel and lay the pipes.

Because there isn't much vertical leeway between the basement floor slab and the bottoms of the footings, you won't be able to get much pitch (slope) into the perimeter drain pipes towards the pit.

I suggest that you dig the sump (sump pump pit) big and deep enough so after it is lined with concrete or bricks or whatever, the interior goes at least 18 inches below where the ends of the perimeter drain pipes enter and is at least 18 inches square. For this you will have to dig below foundation footing level.
The good conscientious technician or serviceperson will carry extra oils and lubricants in case the new pump did not come with oil or the oil was accidentally spilled, so the service call can be completed without an extra visit.

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There nothing structurally wrong when placing the pipe at or below the BOTTOM of the footing if yo do not go inside a 45 degree line down from the toe of the BOTTOM of the footing. - As an example, if the center line of the drain pipe is 6" away from the side of the footing, the pipe bottom can be 6" below the bottom of the footing, so there can be room for gravel under the pipe for bedding.

In a typical simple basement, the major load on the footing/wall is laterally, since a house does not really weigh that much. Aside from some traditional archaic prescriptive code requirements, with the right soil, no footing is needed and many systems have gotten approvals for 6" walls with no concrete footing at all.

I would be more concerned with the lateral load on the wall at the base. Make sure you have the basement slab poured on top of the footing and abutting the wall to provide lateral strength/support. A basement slab is actually a structural element if you really look at things. The too common Eastern cheap method of forming a water collection channel at the junction of the wall and floor is a classic situation looking for trouble.
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