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Gaca2468 06-12-2012 10:44 PM

Installing H&C shower diverter stem
I need to replace a stem diverter for the shower. I found that the whole stem allows for the water to turn on; and the diverter to turn cold and hot.
I unscrewed the stem counter-clockwise; but the whole stem has some loose parts and some brass washers. I thought it was delta because moen
cartridge is longer; but the guy at the hardware said this was a H&C Stem
Mixit. Any advice as to how to install it is appreciated. Is there a valve inside the wall ? Where this cartridge screws into ? Thanks

wctekkk 06-13-2012 01:42 AM

what type of valve? single handle, 2 handle,with or with out diverter, pressure balance you ether have stems or a cartridge unless you have a shower system SORRY just noticed some places call it Single Control Shower Valve Cartridge Stem by Mixet. this is a stem hope i'm not acting like a know it all sometimes i have a hard time writing on what i want to say, if that any sense i just wrote it and i'm not sure any post a picture if you need more help.

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