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boilermaker27 09-08-2013 03:14 PM

installation of a basement shower
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I am trying to install a shower in my basement and having some real problems doing so. I have attached an image of what I propose. The 3" line for the toilet is 48" from the basement wall, by the time I stud this out there is no room for a shower. There is a pit with a two inch pvc line intended for a bathtub, this is shown to the left of the line for the toilet. The vent for the toilet is behind the 3" line. I know I have to have 15" clearance on each side from the center of the 3" line. I also know that I need 21" clearance to the front from the front of the toilet bowl. The picture shows a boxed in area in the upper left, that boxed in area is the size of a 32 x 48" Swanstone shower floor, the 32" is located on the outside of the 2x4 located on the right hand side, and the 48" is on the inside of the horizontal 2x4. Where the 48" shower stall ends will of course be a wall, I will then set the wall back about six or eight inches and run it back toward the pit. This will give me more than enough room on that side of the stool. My question is, will that six or eight inches where the wall goes to the right just forward of the stool kill my plan. Will that be enough of an intrusion into that 21" from the front of the toilet bowl to be a code violation? I thought about moving the shower against the wall opposite the 3" line, but then I would have a problem with where to put the door. If the contractor had only moved that 3" line a few more inches to the right none of this would be a problem. The main problem is when I stud it out I really lose a lot of space, although I have decided to stud out the two concrete walls with 2x3 studs in order to gain some room. It was probably designed for a bathtub but I want a shower, but if nothing else works out, I will probably have to install a bathtub, even with a bathtub, I cannot get the 15 inches on the left side of the toilet. Hope this is clear enough to understand?

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