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Identifying incoming water pipe

Hi All,

I have a condo and unfortunately none of the water meters or water pressure regulators are identified on the exterior of the building. I've figured out which water meter is mine just by the guess and check method but now I would like to identify which pipe and subsequently which water pressure regulator leads to my unit and I don't really have any easy way of turning the water off at that point to guess which one is mine. Is there a tool or some other method I can use to identify pipes like this? In the IT Phone world we have what's called a tone generator we can clip onto a line to use to identify the corresponding wire on the other end, is there anything like this in the plumbing world I can buy?

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Identifying incoming water pipe

You could use a basic electric meter and a length of wire to check for continuity if the pipe is metallic. One end of the length of wire to the pipe in your house, clip the wire to the meter, then the other probe of the meter to the suspect pipes outside, on the HOUSE SIDE OF THE WATER METER. If the pipe is plastic it won't be that easy.

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Identifying incoming water pipe

You can identify the meter by the number on the meter and compare it to your bill. There should be a shutoff before and after the meter, although they often don't work unless they are ball type valves. In your case, a shutoff before the meter may also shut off everyone else.
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Identifying incoming water pipe

Thanks, I may try the continuity check. I've fairly certain the pipes are metal but the outside parts of them are pretty well caked in dirt and other crap so its hard to tell.

The number on my bill actually doesn't match the number printed on the meter because the water company here has upgraded all the meters to an RFid system so without an RFid scanner I can't get the number that they use on the bill off the meter. But I established the meter already just by turning water off one at a time, now I need to figure out which down stream pipe(s) are actually mine.
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