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I have low hot water pressure

I have a gas heater of 40 gal, and just a few week ago a have lost almost 75% of the hot water pressure, my tank only have one closing valve in top that shut off the main water. should I draing the tank or what shoul I do.


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Is it low on all the hot water taps or just a few?
Is it steel plumbing?
How old is the water heater?


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put the gas valve on the heater to PILOT shut the cold water feed...hook a hose up to the bottom petcock drain it out might have to pop the relief to vent down ...put a bucket under the relief catch the water that is above the relief till it drains .then leave it open along with the drain with hose and open up the cold water feed let it flush out....put the draining hose into a bucket to see what crap comes out with the flushing.reset the relief to closed..and refill the tank.repeat the drain off again
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I have a similar yet different issue - mine is low hot water pressure at the Kitchen and high hot water pressure at the Master Shower -

Installed a Recirculating Pump on the Water heaters - at the same times replaced both valves (have an inbound (cold) and an outbound (hot) valve) on the water heater (gas), both valves had rust buildup internally and the nipple going into the hot valve from the water heater was nearly rusted through. Also drained the water heater. Installed the recirculaing valve under the kitchen sink. Filled the hot water heater and "thought" I had all the air purged, not only from the tank, but from the water lines. Water flowing normally at the Kitchen Sink, turned on the recirculating pump. Water pressure on both sides (hot & cold) suffered a 25% to 50% decrease. Went to take a shower later in the day, turn on the shower, gigantic release of air and then incredible pressure probably 75% higher than in the past.

The only things I can think of are: Kitchen Sink - shut off valves below sink obstructed.
Shower - pressure reducer in shower head blown out by the air pressure.

Live in an area with hard water and I have a water softener on the main inbound water line to the house.

Other suggestions?

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