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How to stop trickling sound from floor drain?

Hello DIYer's,

I need ideas on how to minimize/eliminate the sound of water trickling into the main floor drain of my basement.

I have a subfloor drain pipe that expels excess water out the main floor drain in the basement. (See attached pic) I am about to install another subfloor drain pipe that will expel out this drain as well. All to control a rising water table and keep my basement dry. Right now the water table is high and the pipe has been constantly draining for months now. And because of the drop (of about 5-6 inches) between where the subfloor pipe exits and the bottom of the main floor drain, it makes a constant trickling sound.

It's an annoying disturbance to constantly hear this sound. (It's not a soothing babbling brook.) I don't want to lower the exit-point of the subfloor pipes just in case there is a back-up in the main drain. I will also be installing a floor drain backup valve (or check valve) below where the the subfloor pipes exit.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to minimize/eliminate the sound of trickling water? Or will installing the check valve essentially cut the drop distance in half and muffle the sound?

Thanks for your ideas folks, hope you can help me out.
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It would be better to look around outside and see why the waters coming in.
No gutters, plugged up gutters or not long enough leads from the down spouts.
Grade not running away from the foundation.
Mulch piled up againt the foundation.
No french drain, ect.


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Thanks joecaption... I have exhausted all those options. Initially, I thought the same, that there must be a source for all this water which eventually surfaced on my basement floor. But my eaves throughs are clear. I have plenty of lead on my downspouts. The area around my foundation is properly graded and remains relatively dry even during heavy rain. I've replaced my water service line. The city has checked for leaks elsewhere in the area including the water main and my neighbors waterline. The city has also tested the water and determined it is groundwater. I should also mention that my house is located around the top 3/4 of a hill.

When the contractors dug to replace the water service line they found the excavation would fill up with water. When I had the adjacent side of my foundation dug up and waterproofed a year ago, the waterproofers ran into the same issue with water filling up the excavation. So it seems the water table in my area is high to begin with.

This current issue only surfaced in the last month or two, and the only explanation anyone can come up with is that the water table has risen even higher and is putting hydro-static pressure on the floor. (The water is coming in under the foundation footing not through the foundation wall.) Whether this rise is permanent or not remains to be seen. However, in the meantime, I need to keep my basement dry. And the solution is to relieve the pressure by installing another subfloor drain. I considered putting in a sump pump but if it is a rise in the water table, that sump pump will be running 24/7.

Is there another viable explanation that I haven't considered?
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you could insert smaller size pipe into that what looks like 1 1/2 coming in and put a small extenison down to water level....another idea is tie a cloth to the pipe so water runs down it???
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A piece of chain hanging in front of the water discharging would likely work; I think I've seen chain used off of gutters in place of downspouts.
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