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darsunt 10-18-2009 04:07 PM

How to set up drainage for water heater in middle of house?
I have a water heater that is towards the middle of the house. The p/t valve has no drainage to the outside.

Do I just try to rip through multiple walls to run a drainage pipe to the outside? Or will the city allow me to just let the p/t valve drain to the floor?

This house was built in the 60's, I'm guessing code did not require the water heater p/t valve to drain outside in those days.

oh'mike 10-18-2009 05:42 PM

More details--Where is the nearest drain?

There is a pump operated drain box that may do what you need.

It's little more than a plastic box with a little sump pump in it . Just route the drain line where ever you need to.---MIKE--

Plumber101 10-18-2009 06:45 PM

I don't know of any code that requires the TPR to be drained out side.

It needs to terminate 6" above the floor into a pan or to a floor drain so that if if starts to leak someone call notice it and then get repaired.

You can get a pan for the WH and place a sensor in the pan that will set off an alarm to notify you.

The TPR is not a drain it is a pressure relief that open when either temp or pressure excedes the TPR non adjustable settings. Basically it opens so that the tank wil not explode. Draining it to the outside in cold ares and cause it to freeze if it start to release and also provides a nesting place for bugs and critters. I would not drain it to the outside.

darsunt 10-18-2009 07:48 PM

All the tp valves I've seen have long pipes draining to outside the building, so I assumed that was the code. This is CA, maybe codes are stricter here?

But I would be happy to run the drain from the valve to a pan on the floor. It would be so much easier.

Plumber101 10-18-2009 08:19 PM

Here is a link to CA plumbing code

CA code is a little different

Chapter 5, 508.5 states that Discharge from a relief valvle into a water heater pan shall be prohibited

Chapter 6, 608.5 states that the relief drain must go to the outside or to other approved locations.

Other locations to me would be an air gap type connection. Like a floor drain

I would talk with local codes. A jurisdiction can change the code to it's city requirements

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