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tarheelblue 06-07-2008 12:40 PM

how to remove roman bath faucet?
I am updating the trim in all my baths so far so good. Until the master bath tub.

the old Delta roman bath faucet...I cant seem to get it out...
I assumed you just take out the 1/8 set screw and it pops off (or does it twist off? hope not, because the wall is right there and I wont be able to get full rotation).

One problem...the set screw is stripped. any ideas? I have tried a bigger sized hex go.

I am thinking I may have to hack the damn thing off....but that could be quite dicey avoiding damage to the tub...not sure how to handle this.

Any advice is appreciated.


mstplumber 06-07-2008 06:38 PM


You've got to get that set screw out and the spout should lift off. You may have to gently twist it back and forth while pulling it up but it won't be threaded onto the valve. Since the set screw is badly stripped, there are a couple of things to try.
First,if you can get an EZ out that fits you might can use it to remove the set screw. Since these are usually tapered you may have to cut or grind the end to get it to fit properly.
If this doesn't work or you can't find the right size EZ Out, the only other way I know to remove it is to drill it out. This won't be too bad since the screw should be made of brass. Choose a drill bit that just fits into the hole in the spout and slowly drill out the screw. Stop often to check your progress and try to wiggle the spout. You should be able to tell when the screw is gone. The main thing to watch out for is that you don't drill into the valve part that the spout is connected to. You may need to go back through the hole with a slightly larger drill bit and drill out a little spout material to get all of the screw but I would do this in stages. Patience really helps with tasks like this.

Unless you have access to underneath the tub and are prepared to replace the entire valve you should not try to cut the spout off.

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