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jeand 12-17-2010 03:37 PM

how to recognize the new or old bathtub faucet cartridge
my bathtub water can't shot off, plumber came to check and told me the cartridge was bad, then he changed the faucet cartridge.(nobody there to watch him, he quoted me via phone).After he done, i went home & paid him, and asked him to show me the used cartridge, just want to see how damaged the old cartridge is. But the plumber said he has thrown it away,he only shows me a few pieces of rocks he found behind the faucet. Now, a few days later he fixed, the water starts to dripping again. Without come to check, the plumber said probably I damaged the cartridge. I just want to know if any possible i can find out the cartridge i have now is used or new. how hard if i ask him to take out the cartridge, how to recognize new or old cartridge. pls help.

Just Bill 12-18-2010 06:15 AM

His statement would make me think he did not replace it, but I assume he charged for one?? To answer the question, and old cartridge will show discoloration on some components, possibly calcium build up, rubber O rings will usually rub black on your skin, new won't.

If there was grit/rocks in the faucet, there probably was also damage to rubber seals. Those can often be replaced without replacing the whole cartridge. Either way, if he will not correct the problem for free, Call someone else and put this guy on you never again list.

jeand 12-18-2010 01:27 PM

Your answer saved my day! Thanks!!
HI Just Bill,
thanks for your prompt answer to teach me how to recognize the new or old cartridge, also much more information. I have used the knowledge you & other plumber taught me to talked to that plumber, then he came in this morning & changed a new cartridge in front of me. Obviously i saw some dirts & longtime water marks on the old cartridge which he claimed he changed for me b4. I told him i have forgave him and wish he won't do this to anyone else, Also wish him happy holidays. Again, thanks for your help on this issue.
Happy Holidays :)

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