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gib7464 03-24-2006 08:48 PM

how to make a pressure balancing loop
i'm installing a 4 spray verticle spa with a moen 253cpm setup, and a 3330 valve. the instructions are at best, vague. i'm actually a auto transmission master tech. home repair is a hobby and a real great joy. this is something i need to get right the first time. i'm concerned with the distances from the valve and other measurements as well as the actual supply line into a loop configuration. anyone have any experience? please help me. i'm way to stubborn to quit on this project.

thanx in advance guys.


gib7464 03-25-2006 08:31 PM

wow! nobody knows huh?
ok. here's what i've come up with after exhaustive research 2 loops, 1 for each side(with 2 sprays each). each loop gets a supply in the middle of the loop. that way neither of the heads gets more supply than the other. seperate loops seems to be the way to go with each loop getting equal supply from a tee eqaully spaced from the valve. sounds ok to me. anyone have a better idea? think of a square, with the heads on the top and bottom surface. then the supply line comes in 1 of the side surfaces right in the middle. this is with the valve in betwwen the loops. looks like a pair of eyeglasses with the bridge being the valve. am i wrong? lots of views on this thread but no replies. come on pro's, help me here.


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