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gone_fishing 06-21-2010 08:36 AM

How I fixed my ice maker
Just wanted to share how I fixed my ice maker. We have a Kenmore fridge with ice maker. It called for a non-piercing type water supply to provide appropriate pressure. We didn't have that until we just completed our renovation. After hooking up the water last night we popped a leak in the back. I realized that the old water likely froze in the internal system.

Our fix? We turned off the freezer and emptied it out. Using a shop spot light and 100W bulb I heated up the ice maker and pipes on the inside. I then warmed up the intake in the back and made sure all connections were secure. Turned it back on around 9:15 last night. It's already dumped a full tray of solid ice cubes and isn't leaking.

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