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ridgevilleac 07-05-2008 12:40 AM

How Hot is too hot for sch. 40 PVC?
I am having a problem with some 1" PVC I installed on an air conditioning system a few months back. I have 2400 feet of 1" PVC 6' under ground. I have an inlet and an outlet at the unit. On the inlet and outlet I have a Ball valve a T with a pressure Gage another T with a charging valve.(hose bib) . My problem is The T's are cracking every couple of weeks. The water is only getting in the low 120's. I have had three call backs in 2 months and it is in one or more of the T's. I'm at my WITS end.:furious: Can anyone shed some light here?

wirenut1110 07-05-2008 08:52 AM

The temperature rating is max 140 deg. with a derating pressure multiplier of .22. At 120 the multiplier is .40 and 130 is .31. Look on the pipe and see what the pressure rating is, use the multiplier for the temp and see if your exceeding this or close to it. You may need to change it to CPVC. Hope this helps you.

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