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Originally Posted by jhowser View Post
oh thanks but we checked this dishwasher has a heating element in it ..

but thanks
Most of them do, but I have never heard of a dishwasher that is designed to heat tap water up to washing temp. The heating element is just designed to help boost the temp in all the models I have seen.
If it is designed to heat the water from cold, it will have a electrical connection far larger than an average 15/20A dishwasher supply.



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i just replaced a dishwasher in my home and the old one aswell as the new one was/is connected to the hot water side under the kitchen sink, as far as i know the heater element is for boosting the washing waters temp aswell as for drying the dishes when using the heated dry, which we never use, wastes to much energy.

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Much agreed. Every dishwasher I've installed has a heating element, but every one I've installed also requires a connection to HOT water.
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the instructions recommend that it be connected to cold water. we are in australia, i have only seen a few dishwashers that are recommended to be connected to hotwater.

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I see that you are new to plumbing. You will need a pipe wrench to get it off. Turn the pipe wrench counterclockwise to remove the cap.
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With obsolete galvanized pipe in that rusted and corroded condition, you're going to need a backup wrench on the nipple behind it to get the cap off.
However, it probably just as well will back the nipple out that the cap is on out of the 90 that it's screwed into. I think that I would get some teflon tape and a new 1/2" X whatever" nipple and replace it so that you don't have to go into the wall.
A little trick about helping to break rusted and corroded galvanized connections...soak it with a solvent (WD-40, etc.) and then tighten the connection clockwise first as tight as it will go, and then unscrew it counterclockwise.
Wrap 2-3 flat wraps of teflon tape on the male threaded of both ends of the nipple clockwise only as the threaded end faces you. Put a 1/2" male threaded connector on it for the DW line.
Here in the US, I have never seen a DW attached to anything but hot water.
Good Luck!
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thanks mike .
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Heating elements in dishwashers bring the house water in the house (say 110 degrees) up to 140 degrees. Dishwashers should always be connected to the hot water.
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if you have a way to protect the wall u can try heating ut with a butane torch or a small torch. heat works miracles on pipes. you can also try a pipe wrench and tapping firmly with a hammer to impact it loose. just dont beat on the pipe wrench to hard or the pipe will break off. also make sure the water is turned off.
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IF you can tap on the pipe hard enough,,,never saw one YET to fail to screw off. Trick is to use 2 hammers and time them to hit at exact same time in rythem on opposite sides so you dont crack it off. Hopefully it doesnt crack off at threads inside wall at t or whatever its screwed to. IF the back is solid,,,even tapping on end of cap will help threads to vibrate the rust seal out of it. Common sense on strength of swings. hard enough to MAKE her work,,not so hard as to break something else. ALL the way around,,as far as you can...At least hold a big hammer on back side and hit hard with the front hammer,,,pipe wrenches make POOR hammers,,but have used worse in a pinch. as long of cheater as you can helps too,,,pipe wrench extension,,,defined slightly larger pipe over handle!! nuther pipe wrench on what you dont want to turn!!

Even the nastiest of the nasty galvinized succumb to hammer blows(dont twist it off,,break top of threads,,)

All that being said,,,if its a cold water pipe,,,run a 'new' hot up there,,or tee off of sink hot!! That washer wont wash a hoot without hot water to start!!(ask your dealer who sold it to you!!)or a new appliance place who does sell them,IF bought privately!!(act like an unknowing buyer,,,ask questions)


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