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jwnoyes 09-03-2012 02:53 PM

How do I remove a VERY old trip-lever tub overflow cover?
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I've got a very old (the house was built in the 1930's) tub with a flip-lever drain plug system. The overflow cover does not have the usual two screws on the plate, but just one in the center of the flip lever itself. I've been able to get that screw out, but have not succeeded yet in removing the lever. It is very corroded because apparently the shower head dripped on it for years. My question is - does the cover itself unscrew? Thanks in advance for any help. (Picture attached.)

notmrjohn 09-03-2012 06:53 PM

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Be careful, don't damage it, that things cool. I'm guessing, the cover is threaded to tube behind that handle. I don't think handle itself is screwed on. Take screw out, squirt some PB Blaster in there, just a little, have a cloth to wipe dribbles fro tub, but don't think PB is gonna hurt any thing.Let PB work a while, maybe gently tap center of handle with small block of wood. See if you can wiggle/rock handle off with hand. No? Give PB another chance , might can get two strips of wood, one each side of and close to tube under handle. ends of strips padded against tub and gently lever other end out. Mebbee gentle taps with block while doing that. Or. Tie the ends of piece of strong but soft cord together, loop it behind handle both sides of tube wiggle, and lightly tap while pulling doubled cord. Ya might have to go get a faucet handle puller. Oh, should have started with this, but, WHY do you want to remove the cover?

jwnoyes 09-04-2012 12:26 PM

We gutted the bathroom for a remodel and saved the tub. It's 65 inches long and 18 inches deep, a nice tub. We're going to have it refinished but the overflow cover, handle and drain hardware are all very corroded and need to be replaced (or refinished).

notmrjohn 09-04-2012 07:10 PM

Can you get to the other side? Cut an acess hole through the wall on other side? If you can find parts to refurbish the insides of faucets and they look as cool as this I would sure try to reuse them. There are retro styles too. When my brother built his house, a big hotel from 20's 30's was being gutted, he scored some huge tubs. Free. All he had to do was get them out of rooms and hotel, lots of other fixtures too. He said place was a mad house. have you given that PB a try? That handle looks kinda fragile be real careful, no hard banging or hard jerks, try to ease it off with all force as close to center as possible.

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