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Melsom 02-25-2013 11:36 PM

How do I remove kohler toilet supply hose?
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I purchased a toto washlet and am trying to install it. The end of the supply hose that attaches to the toilet appears to be inside the toilet. How do I remove it? Pictures attached. Thank you in advance for answers---I'm pulling my hair out here!

oh'mike 02-26-2013 05:51 AM

Best to hire a plumber for that job----the toilet must be removed-----opening the wall and adding a separate feed line and shut off may be needed---

That toilet is attached (bolted) directly to the tile---so some damage might occur.

joecaption 02-26-2013 06:08 AM

oh'mike 02-26-2013 06:24 AM

Joe--that is the strangest toilet I've ever seen----believe me--this is a job a plumber would walk away from----

the base is a huge porcelain rectangle---large enough that the water feed for the tank is inside the base---

a plastic horn/riser must be attached to the flange---the toilet placed over that---then the base is drilled through the tile,into the tile floor.

Most times the water shut off needs to be moved over from it's usual 6" center because the base is to wide and hits the feed pipe----

I've seen this toilet-----it makes me loose respect for designers----a plumber will be needed ---this is not a diy job----

Melsom 02-26-2013 09:08 AM

This is the first time i've tried my hand at doing a toilet. probably not the best one to start on. I pretty much took the thing to pieces---tank is on the floor now. i think i can do it, but unfortunately dropped the supply hose down the back and now it's irretrievable...

oh'mike 02-27-2013 08:12 PM

You are going to have to remove the base----loosen the floor bolts----lift straight up--there is a plastic horn that you must clear---

Most plumbers have never seen one like this----

I suggest you attach your new spray/seat to the water shut off valve and forget using the bottom of the flush valve--as they have designed it---

Melsom 03-02-2013 10:38 AM

Thanks mike. That didn't even occur to me. Will see if that works.

Melsom 03-08-2013 12:21 PM

ok, i'm trying to take your advice. I decided the easiest way to do it was to buy an addition hose.

So the hose plugs into the water supply on one side, and the toto conect junction connects to the water hose on the 7/8 inch side. The other side of toto valve is also 7/8th inch (which would typically attach to the toilet fill valve). To make it work, I would need a connector (don't know the word) that connects the 7/8 inch side of the toto valve to the 1/2 inch hose (the hose that is still connected to the toilet. Does such a product exist?

To clarify:

water supply ---> toilet hose ---> toto washlet connect junction --->additional toilet hose --->toilet fill valve

I need something that connects the connect junction to the additional toilet hose.

Does this make sense?

oh'mike 03-08-2013 12:49 PM

You have a 3/8 " water shut off-----you may need to change that into a double opening 3/8" shut off----

attach the toilet feed to one opening----get another toilet feed line and use that one to feed the new seat ----buy a cap to plug up the unused opening on the other side of the feed--

Post a picture of the shut off and the new seat plumbing for a more exact set of suggestions.

oh'mike 03-08-2013 12:51 PM

Melsom 03-11-2013 01:18 PM

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Attached is the Toto junction. The hose from the seat attaches to the plastic component on the junction.

Also attached is a picture of my existing water shutoff.

So from your previous comment, you're saying I won't be able to purchase a component that allows me to attach the 7/8th end of the junction to the 3/8th end of the additional toilet hose?


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