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Hot water pressure help

Hi. I am a new homeowner and have a problem. I have very little hot water pressure throughout my home! The faucets and shower heads barely have any hot water pressure when turned on.

Symptoms are:

Hot water has hardly any pressure. The hotter I turn the valve to hot, the slower the water comes out. Cold water has no problems.

Sometimes the faucets and shower heads "sputter" for a few seconds when turned on after not being used for a while.

When hot water is turned on, I can hear a "whining" noise coming from the pipes. Although, it doesn't last more than a couple minutes usually.

There is a pressure regulator in my laundry room that I have toyed with trying to fix the problem, but no matter which way I turn the bolt, it doesn't help. Keep in mind that all of my faucets and shower heads have this problem, even when only ONE is turned on at a time. When multiple things are turned on (only to HOT), then the pressure is even lower.

Any input anyone can offer is greatly appreciated. Hopefully I don't have to spend a fortune and hire a plumber to come out and fix this! Thanks in advance!

Also, the washing machine has the same symptoms as my faucets and showers. Forgot to mention that


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I don't have an answer but you could post how your hot water is heated, water tank?, boiler? someone will come up with an answer for you


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your domestic hot water starts on the pipe that leaves the HWH or HW tank off your boiler.the HWH tank is the cold water pressure you see on the faucets all around the house.the problem could be a mineral build up on the hot pipe out of the top of the HWH,that might be restricting the water and the tank pressure from going up into the those hot water faucet and go down to the hot line off the heater and see/hear if you hear water metering thru a restriction.the fix is the PLUMBER needs to un swet the hot copper line and replace the adapter that screws into the top of the heater.....any place hot water heats different types of metal it act like a magnet for mineral/metals in the water and starts to narrow down the diameter of the pipe.if you open the drain at the base of the heater that should be cold water pressure but the hot water faucet nearest the heater that is where the restriction took off all the airaters on the sink and shower and still a trickle with the hot open.

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If you have a union connection on the hot water outlet side of the water heater, turn off the cold water inlet and drain about a gallon or two of water out of the tank. Disconnect the hot water piping on top the tank and check the opening in the tank for a blockage. If you have cold water pressure, it is not the fault of an aerator.
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I have a water heater out in my garage. It's a large cylindrical tank. I don't know how to mess with anything on that so I don't dare try.
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I have to agree. Sounds like you've got a flow restriction on the hot line leaving the tank. If you're not comfortable with messing with it call a plumber. It most likely isnt anything major
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so is it galvanized pipe coming away from your water heater??Or copper?


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