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theedudenator 07-23-2013 11:25 AM

Hot Water heater intermediate off? Exhaust blower?
I have an AO smith with an exhaust fan on it.
3" PVC directly to the side of the house.

Sometimes we have cold water in the house. No pattern, happened 4 times now.

If I turn the blower switch off/on, it will start and the water heater will heat water.

Any suggestions on where to look?

I get a 6 flash error code when it happens.

Main burner lights and proves flame within 4-5 seconds. If the flame is not sensed within 4-5 seconds the SmartValve will de-energize the gas valve, run the blower for a 30 second purge cycle, then try again at step nine for 3 additional tries. If after the 4th trial for ignition the flame is not proven, or if flame sense is lost a 4th time before the call for heat is satisfied, the SmartValve will run the blower for a 5 second post purge and then de-energize the blower. The SmartValve will lockout for 1 hour during which it displays a 6 flash error code. After 1 hour the SmartValve will try again at the beginning of the sequence for 4 more tries. The SmartValve can cycle this way indefinitely as long as a call for heat is present.

Ghostmaker 07-23-2013 03:45 PM

Your tank needs to be looked at by a plumber who is certified to do repairs. How old your tank is would determine if it is worth fixing. The tanks have several interlocks and electronics. If 1 item fails it will not fire. Did you have a recent thunderstorm in your area?

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