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thaPlumberHiringGuy 04-16-2008 12:12 PM

Hot/cold water cross-overs (please help me)
I am doing a report and looking for info on hot cold water cross overs or cross connections, and what the installation of check valves do in these cases. This work is regarding a stores plumbing system. If you have any information please assist me . . . I am new to plumbing!

Example: The water in a sink was not hot enough or no hot water at all. To fix the issue a technician adjusted the lines and found a cross connection. This was adjusted and fixed the problem

Termite 04-16-2008 01:27 PM

The term cross connection usually refers to the connection of a lawn sprinkler or soda machine (for example) into the supply plumbing of a business or residence. Many jurisdictions require cross connection permits and inspections of the backflow devices to ensure that backwash or foreign chemicals don't pollute the rest of the home or business' water supply plumbing.

I think you're mixing terms. You refer to the water not being hot at all, and the plumber finding a "cross connection." That sounds more symptomatic of a "CROSSED" connection...Hot and cold lines somehow reversed or blended somewhere in the plumbing system.

From my experience a backcheck device is not something that would create the problem you're describing. They're typically installed right by the device they serve, and you might have several in a building.

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