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mrebar457 11-03-2012 03:32 PM

hopw do you get water to an upper heat zone.
I recently had to change my taco circulator pump and now can't get water in the upsatirs zone. When I open the drain valve, slightly, to get the air out and trun on the fill valve the water travels towards the boiler in stead of circulating through the line. Does someone know how to get the water to fill the upper zone, I am sure this is why I have no heat in the upper zone. I have one pump with auto shut valves to redirect the water.

DannyT 11-03-2012 05:14 PM

in water air rises so opening a drain valve which is at the bottom will just drain water out. are there any bleeders on the second floor? that is where you need to bleed the air out. if this is on a second floor you will need more then 10 pounds pressure to be able to force the air out of the system. you lose 5 pounds of pressure for each floor. once the air is out it will operate at under 10 pounds. most boilers have purge valves to bleed most of the air out. pictures would be most helpful.

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