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teachtech 03-10-2008 10:39 PM

Hooking up a washing machine??
Here is the deal; I hooked up a new washing machine to a 2" drainpipe using a vented cap that is connected to the top of a drain pipe and the washing machine drain hose goes into this cap. When the machine started to drain, water started to gush out of the vents.

The old washing machine was set up the same way however it was connected without a vent that did not allow water to escape.

I believe that the new machine has a larger volume of water entering the drain causing a backflow. What if I connect the drain without the vent, will it force the water through the 2" drain pipe or burnout the pump? The drain pipe is horizontal, about three feet off the floor with a trap at the end. Or what about installing a sink to hold the backflow, however I would also have to use a sump pump with this in order to connect it to the drain pipe.

The drain pipe does have a vent two feet forward of the trap that is then connected to the washing machine. Hope this makes sense, thank you for your advice.

End Grain 03-11-2008 11:17 AM

A simple test here BEFORE you take wrench and PVC cutter into hand. :wink:

Try lifting the hooked discharge hose out of the drain pipe JUST ENOUGH so that air can get past it. Hold it up or prop it up so that it's still in the drain pipe but not rammed home. Run the washing machine and observe. You'll know quick enough. It sounds as is the hose may be jammed down so tightly into the drain pipe that not enough air - or virtually no air - is entering around the body of the hose to allow the water to flow down the drain.

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