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glenn650 03-12-2011 05:04 PM

Help...under PRESSURE!
Hi everyone,
I'm new to DIY chatroom, but not to DIY...I'm a middle school science teacher by training, but a DIYer by choice. I've was a carpenter's helper in the summers for about 5 years, and then out off and on by myself when the kids weren't home. Here's my problem...I recently replaced my tub spout with a diverter in it. The reason was, I always had water coming out of the shower when the tub was on. I read that there may be too much pressure, so I started to take the spout off and twisted off the 1/2 in copper outlet inside of the spout. So, after tearing out the wall behind the shower, and removing the outlet pipe, buying new adapters, elbows, couplers, and a spout, I had a faucet that worked. However, now when I pull up the knob to switch from tub to shower the gasket in the plastic diverter thing that slides up, does not stay in position and while water is coming out of the shower, it's spraying out of the spout too. At least I don't have water coming out of the showerhead all of the time now though.

Any ideas about how to keep that little rubber gasket in place so it will hold during a shower? Are there heavier duty diverters that I can buy? I'm getting ready to list my house for sale which is why I finally tried to do something about the original problem.

oh'mike 03-12-2011 05:42 PM

You need to go to a real plumbing supply house for your replacement diverter /spout.

I have never found any spout worth installing at any of the big box stores.

A Moen spout should be about $32.

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