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farmallh 07-15-2011 08:01 AM

Help! Tub & Sink gurgle when flushing toilet
We live in a very old brick house with an old septic system. The toilet, tub and sink are all 4 feet above the line that goes to the septic tank. At various times the tub will gurgle when the toilet is flushed. No pattern. At times it will stop for a while if I plug the sink and tub and flush the toilet. The vent pipe is at least 30 feet high and has two 90 degree angles from the roof to the soil pipe. The septic concrete 1,000 gallon tank was pumped 10 years ago. From the septic tank, the tub drain, then vent pipe, toilet and then sink drain are in that order. Had a plumber check but naturally it worked okay when he was here. Even when the toilet gurgles you can hear the water going down the soil pipe at the lowest level. We used a snake on the vent pipe a couple months ago and it worked for a couple weeks. Would adding a vent pipe be a possible solution? Any suggestions or solutions are very welcome. Thanks

oh'mike 07-15-2011 08:22 AM

Sounds like a vent problem-----I've had some success flushing the vent from the roof using a garden hose. Look for wasp nests---You don't want to get chased off the roof by am angry swarm.

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