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Integraoligist 03-05-2012 02:17 PM

Help with running new CPVC water lines.
Hello all,
I'm going to replace the disaster of water lines running through my basement.
The City water line coming in is 3/4" copper, and from then on:

Immediately reduced to 1/2" plastic piping, all piping is that semi flexible black plastic stuff you use for your sprinkler system outside! All bound togeather with pipe straps and plastic barbs.

Well obviously it's leaked since I bought this place, the hot water hoses have expanded and contracted so much in a few connections that the hoses slipped off the damn barbs and just dumped water all over the basement floor. Basement is not finished and sump pump works fine.

Was going to change this out in January but did get to it yet... well i'm an idiot because the other say the wife does laundry... and i go to add something a minute later and theres water all over the new laminate flooring i put down in the dining room. I'm like WTF! WHERE IS IT COMING FROM! It turns out the black tubing slipped off the barb thats connecting the hot water to the washer outlet. So it was flowing pretty good in the wall and went under the flooring and traveled about 20' , AWESOME. :censored:

Anyway, I'm looking to replace all the lines with 3/4" CPVC, Oh yes I forgot to mention, there IS 1/2" CPVC lines that pop through the floor, so when your in the house and you look, you see CPVC, but the second it goes into the basement it converts to that black crap.

So back to redoing this... I'm looking to change out all the 1/2" black crap to 3/4" CPVC, then connect the new 3/4" to the existing 1/2" when it pops through the floors.

1. How much more pressure will I be getting by doing this? Will it be a dramatic increase even though it's still getting bottlenecked to 1/2" at the end?

2.I was reading that 90 degree elbow really cut down on pressure... the more 90s the less the pressure... should I really try to keep all the bends at 45s or does it not matter?

3. I will have a good amount of T's running, are those considered 90s as well?

Thanks all for the help!

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