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singforsupper 08-19-2006 09:18 AM

Help Plumbing in Coffee Machine
I need to plumb in my espresso machine (professional machine) in my home. The snags I have are threefold.

1. I need to cut the botom out of a 30"x24" metal kitchen cabinet drawer. Is a dremel with cutting wheels best (sounds slow) or a hand held 3 or 4" grinder best? I will also need to cut through the bottom of the cabinet in the same manner.

2. I need to cut to holes cleanly through the countertop. One would be about a 2" round hole for the water and drain lines and the other would be a square cutout (with rounded corners) for the knockbox. Is there a particular bit I should use with the plunge router? I've never used a router nor a hand grinder before.

3. The plumbing is steel and quite old in my house. The inline fawcets have little 1/4" fittings on them with brass caps. Are those available to attach a 1/4 water line?


Ron The Plumber 08-19-2006 09:29 AM

1 and 2........ Is this Stainless Steel?

3. Yes you should beable to adapt or connect to the existing water supply.

Bonus 08-19-2006 10:28 AM

What material is your countertop? Laminate? If you haven't used a plunge router before I strongly suggest you go to a place that installs laminate counters and get a sink 'cut-out' (That's the piece of countertop that they cut out and discard where the sink goes). You could practice on this. You'll need protective gear and be prepared for the mess, routers really throw dust.

How big is the square hole you want to make? If it's bigger than just a few inches I'd suggest drilling the corners and then using a jig saw for the rest.

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