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lunatyck 12-27-2008 10:58 AM

HELP! Need solution for flooding.. sump pump related
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Hey guys (and gals)

My dad is stubborn as heck and he says there is no better way to have our pipes from our sump pump set up than it is now. We have only one sump pump with a back up, but in my opinion it is too small for the job. Our basement constantly floods under heavy rain (right now too :furious:) and i want to fix this regardless of what he thinks because I'm sick of running up and down stairs with a full shop-vac of cold rain water.

Attached is a picture of how the pipes look now. (sorry its not high quality or anything, i took a snapshot from my blackberry)

I think if we put a 45 angle instead of two 90's it should help atleast a little bit. Can i please get some advice on this?

Thanks in advance

concretemasonry 12-27-2008 11:42 AM

HELP! Need solution for flooding.. sump pump related
You can always get a larger capcity pump if you have a way to get rid of the water.

What is the pvc discharging into after leaving the basement? - size, length, configuration.

Replacing the 90s with 45s will not hurt and could help some. - You could go from 3 - 90s to 2 - 45s if the geometry is right.


jasonckcmo 12-27-2008 02:21 PM

Yes, you can always put in a bigger pump, and I didn't see a check valve in that line, so make sure you have one just above the pump. It stops the water that is on its way up from draining back down. Also make sure you are sending the water away from the foundation outside. Depending on what things look like outside, you may need to haul in some dirt to try to detour some of the rain away from the foundation.

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