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newbieowner 12-26-2008 09:32 PM

HELP! how much $$ will this cost
Just walked outside and saw water flowing down the driveway to the street. at first i thought it was melting snow but that should've all melted since yesterday. i saw the the trail led all the way to the side of the house to this:

I quickly went to the cellar and saw water everywhere comming from the main sewer line

on closer inspection it seems the leak in the basement is from here

the PVC pipe goes up from the trap to the side of the house where the water is flowing out the driveway.

IMy house has a septic tank there is no line to city sewer system here. Am I majorly screwed? how much is this gonna cost to fix.

BTW there is no smell in the basement from all this water. so can someone help me?
thanks in advance.

Termite 12-26-2008 09:39 PM

We can't give you even a guess of what someone would charge you to fix the leak...That isn't what this website is for. If you pay someone to fix any plumbing it is never cheap, hence, DIY!!! :thumbsup:

From the pics it appears that the joint between the cast and the PVC has failed...Is that the case? Or is the water coming from the vertical PVC above where the picture is taken?

You mentioned that the vertical PVC pipe goes up and outside? Does it drain something or what? I'm trying to figure out if it is some sort of rigged vent for the building drain to the septic system. The reason I ask is that if it is some sort of vent, and there's a downstream blockage, that vent could overflow with water if its opening is below the fixtures being drained. The fact that the vertical PVC goes up from a T fitting makes me think it isn't intended to carry water.

newbieowner 12-26-2008 10:02 PM

thanks for the reply. i asked because i want to know how much in supplies/time labor will this cost me. and how do i go about fixing this without flooding my cellar with raw sewege?
I fixed the first pic so you can clearly see this should be a vent of some sort.

Chemist1961 12-27-2008 06:21 AM

Obviously your vent stack is a priority here, but while you're at it and still have your tools out, the elbow joint in the pipe in the top right corner of the photo looks like it wasn't cut clean @ 90 degrees and is that glue or silicone all over the outside ? Any pipe joint hanging with wire or coathangers like that will become a problem down the road. May sure you use the exact glue that is suited to the specific pipe or pipes you are mating.

JDC 12-27-2008 06:41 AM

While I can clearly see you've got an issue, I cant tell if the leak is coming from the pvc/cast connection or from something higher and running down. If the cast iron connection isnt cracked then fixing the leak shouldnt be too bad. You've got to ask yourself though, why your vent filled up in the first place. Vents carry air, not water/waste. The only way I can see that it would fill up is if you've got a clog down the line whether it be complete or partial. Have a plumber come auger it out (you'll need to hire this out anyway) and while they are there take a look at the vent. How much it will cost is going to vary by location, if they see something we dont, etc etc. Best way to find out is to call around and get estimates. Wish I werent so vague, but hell its just too hard to say when it comes to price and trying to estimate with pictures.

Good luck

newbieowner 12-27-2008 07:29 AM

thanks for the replies.

chemist1961 that pipe held up by a coat was for a washer/dryer set that is no longer there. ( previous owners) the pipe is not in use anymore.

It seems this is way beyond the DIY range as the cesspool needs to be emptied, treated. the only good news is my toilets/sinks aren't backing up.

Aggie67 12-27-2008 10:13 AM

My best guess is this is a blockage, either in the trap or in the line going outside. Cleaning the trap you can DIY, but I don't envy you. Plumbers earn every penny for cleaning out roots and clogs, in my opinion. But you could go rent a snake at a big box. Be prepared for a mess. Also, last time I did this, I wet vac'd the mess up and went out and invested in a landscape sprayer, filled it with half water and half bleach, and sprayed everything down a bunch of times. (My line geyser'ed on me when I pulled the plug out. Well, not "on" me.)

Our first house was originally backyard septic, then it went to city sewer in the street in the late 70's. Everything from the foundation out was replaced. The ran the new sewer line all the way around the house to the front. We had crazy root problems, also. Ended up dumping Root-X down the drain once a year for maintenance. For some reason they left the trap encased in the slab, with only the plugs showing. PIA.

newbieowner 12-27-2008 11:01 AM

cesspool guy came. the tank if full which means the bottom of the tank is blocked and needs to be aerated and the tank treated.

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