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VokinLoksar 07-06-2008 12:10 PM

Help with construction of laundry sink
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I need a bit of help with the planning of a new project. I've never done anything like this in the past, so wanted to ask for advice before I make my own mistakes.

I have a laundry room that doubles as storage and workshop. For a long time now I really needed a sink in there to avoid running to the bathroom all the time when I need to wash something. In the corner I have the hot/cold water pipes as well as a drain pipe that are currently used by the washing machine.

In the attachment below I tried to draw a rough diagram of what I'm talking about. The dashed rectangle is where I'd like the sink to go, the box is the washer. Little window by the sink is where the three pipes currently come out from.

Here's where I need some help. The easy part, as I understand it is the splitting of hot/cold water pipes. The washing machine is connected via some rubber hoses, so if I put a sink in there I should be able to just split the output and direct two hoses to the sink and the other two to the washer. Is there anything I'm overlooking for this part?

The difficult bit is the drain pipe - it currently comes out of the wall at about my waist's height. Am I correct in assuming that this isn't going to work? I can't redirect the drain pipe from the sink to the same height, or else the water will just flow the other direction. The connection has to be well below the sink.

If so, then I can't use the current opening. What I don't know yet (as indicated by the '?' on the picture) is what the drain looks like closer to the floor. My guess is that the pipe just goes all the way down, and there's where I'll need to make a new connection, one for the washer, one for the sink.

One question I have is how difficult would it be to cut the pipe and split it? The other is where do you think I should begin with the whole project? My guess was that I need to remove a piece of the drywall about where the '?' is and see what the drain pipe looks like down there. Then I'll probably decide if I can do the job myself, or if I need to call someone at least to install a proper drain opening. Does anyone see a problem with having the sink and washer connected to the same drain (in terms of water flowing where it's not supposed to)?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I'm also interested in ideas on how to mount the sink to the wall. I'd like to avoid any structures underneath it if possible, but I'm not yet sure of another (secure) way. As you can see, it will not be touching the wall completely on two sides because of that ridge in the corner.

BillyD 07-06-2008 12:30 PM

You should first open the wall and see that you can install a connection for your sink drain. Then Lowes and HomeDepot sell laundry sinks that are free standing and require very little to hook up.
You can tee the water hook ups using a "Y" hose connector. The drain will be your biggest job. Once you open the wall (no basement right?) post a photo and someone here can help you plan your drain. If you do have a basement or crawl space you may want to connect under the house.

VokinLoksar 07-06-2008 02:25 PM

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Good thing I looked first; I think the job got a lot easier. I had an old opening on the left wall and decided to take a look in there before doing the cutting. It looks like the drain pipe goes off to the left and there joins the drain from the kitchen on the second floor. I've attached two photos to illustrate this, but I'm only guessing as to the pipe's exact path. And no, I don't have a basement - this is on the first floor, and there is one more above it.

With this being the case, I think all I need to do is disconnect the old drain pipe at the bottom, attach a Y connector, and then one side goes to the washer the other to the sink. The pipe itself is plastic, but I can't figure out if the joints are screwed or glued together. It shouldn't be a big problem in either case.

What are your thoughts?

BillyD 07-06-2008 06:42 PM

They are glued I believe. To make the connection you will need a hubless connector or a rubber boot conector.This is needed if you cannot separate the pipes enough to slip a fitting in. If you use the rubber boot put some soapy water on it.
Some one at the plumbing supply can help you.

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