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Material Tester 10-21-2007 11:02 AM

Help with Cast Iron
Hey Everyone,

Just wanted to say as the New Guy to the site it is great.

Well my problem has to do with a Cast Iron Drain Line. Basically I had to remove a 2" drain line in concrete due to it's condition and the new bath and sinks that I am installing. The pipe itself was not in horrible condition just the joints. Well the 2" drain went to a 2" hub which is where I was Trying to disengage it. Upon lifting the pipe slightly, it broke further downstream. The piece that broke removed the 2" cast hub I needed to attach my new PVC to. Also the piece that broke was a (i'm not sure if this is correct) downward sweep. It was not a 90 but looked like two 45's to change the elevation of the pipe to a lower level. And here is where my problem is. I removed what was left of the connection (1 hour later) and attempt to use a 2" Fernco Donut to attach my new PVC to. The hub is larger (3" inner dimension) that a 2" donut and smaller than a 3" donut. Is it possble that the Cast is 2.5"? I have looked and see no reference to 2.5 inch cast. Also is there another way to connect PVC to Cast thet would not involve leading? Has anyone heard of 2.5 inch donuts? Any help would be appreciated as I currently pondering whether to remove more cast under the concrete to see if I can get to a connectable joint.

Material Tester 10-24-2007 10:47 PM

Project is done
To all who looked Thanks.

Yes there appears to be 2.5" cast iron drain lines. I ended up up going to the next joint which was completely solid but a 2" cast piece.

The new tub and sink drains are installed and already backfilled and concreted.

Well thanks for looking anyway.

majakdragon 10-25-2007 10:58 AM

Glad you got the problem solved.

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