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larry20 04-25-2010 08:21 AM

Hear water running with everything shut off.
Recently, when all faucets are shut off, I hear water running like there is a faucet left on. When I shut off the main line, I don't hear it any longer. I don't find any wet areas in the house. My guess is that there is a leak in the walls or under the slab. Should I have someone beside a plumber check this out? Some kind of engineering person maybe or is a plumber the person to call?

Thurman 04-25-2010 09:05 AM

IMO- -IF you can hear water running, then turn off the water at the main line and the "sound" stops, you should have enough water running somewhere that you should be able to see the water leaking out somewhere, either inside or outside. IF you do not find any wet walls or areas within the home, I'd say the chances of a line leaking within a wall are slim to none. You state that you have a slab, have you looked all around the home for super-saturated ground? Where is the shut-off valve, at the meter? IF so-check the ground between the home and the meter, there may be a pin-hole in that piping. Shut off the main water supply valve. Shut off ALL water faucets within the home, including the water heater cold water supply line if available. Then turn ON the main water supply valve slowly and watch the water meter to see if the needles or dial moves--ANY. If it does move, you do have a leak or unknown source of water getting out. When your done investigating and have not found the problem, YES, call a plumber. David

Tom Struble 04-25-2010 09:07 AM

toilet flapper leaking?fill level set wrong?

Yoyizit 04-25-2010 09:27 AM

For us it was a pinhole leak under the slab; one gallon in three minutes.

jogr 04-25-2010 07:13 PM

Or water softener running?

plumber Jim 04-27-2010 11:21 PM

do you have a sprinkler system? maybe it has a leak. or a fill valve on a toilet running. or a hose faucet that you have a hose on it and don't realize it is running.

Just Bill 04-28-2010 06:12 AM

Toilet would also be my guess. But an under slab leak is also possible. Most water meters have a little red star dial that measures small flow. If that is moving you definitely have water running somewhere. In a wall and not being seen is unlikey, as suggested above, something would be wet.

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