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Barefoot Singer 08-16-2011 08:22 AM

Have water arrestor valve and still the pipes bang
Pleeease, can anyone help us with any suggestions? This is an issue which is really driving us mad, now. We have lived in our current house for five years. For two years we had no problems with banging pipes at all. Then we started to hear sets of bangs - at any given time of day except the dead of night. The bangs come up from the stop tap, up the pipe which leads directly above into the bathroom. We tried turning the stop cock up, down; tried draining the system, secured all loose pipes under the floor boards. We had an arrestor and a new stop tap fitted - which stopped the banging for 2 days and then it recommenced.
When the banging occurs we are not using the taps, nor is the heating on. Is it something to do with water usage by our neighbours? We are told that we share the main stop tap on the road with 3 other houses but noone else seems to notice anything.
What on earth can we do?

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