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ChrisDIY 05-10-2010 02:15 PM

Hartell LTA or Gravity? Photos included
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Hopefully my drawing is clear, but I have found out by asking another question in this thread that my entire sump pump situation is real wrong! There was a utility sink here that drained into the sump that the original owner had in place. The bank had to remove it and add Radon system as part of the sale of the house. I need to put the utility sink back since the water softener and whole house filtration needs to drain into a sink. Which route will be better? Using the Hartell LTA or attempt gravity drainage. In the attached photo you can see two clean outs. I am guessing one or both were planned for future use? The entire house sits up on a berm so the basement floor is at ground level. So the pipe as it exits at base of foundation may go down a little to a lot more. If I try gravity what's the chance the waste from the house will back up into the sink with the potential tie-in being that low? My sketch shows tyeing in using sanitary tees, in one of those locations for the idea labeled.

Attached Septic layout but don't know if line depths are on this.

As an aside due to the house being this high above grade the sump will most likely eject through wall out onto the ground. If for some reason it ever gets used I'll connect to a drain farther away from house. :eek:

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