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hrojos 10-08-2012 05:50 PM

Hammering Noise with PVC tubing
Hello everybody

I have a question, I have been looking all around but I have not been able to find a thread about it.

I move into my new home about 3 months ago. This house has kind of PVC tubing/pipes instead of the regular copper tubing that I usually see in a house. Also the house has one of those tank-less water heater.

The first week of living there, I notice that when I open the mixing faucet of the shower from the master bathroom (which is the farthest from the water heather) and somebody else in another bathroom open the hot water as well, there was kind of a hammering noise, not in the pipes themselves but you can hear it and see it from the way that water that was coming out. You can hear the noise thru out the house.

If you move the faucet in the shower only dispense cold water you can make disappear but with the hot water you can not make it completely disappear. We call the plumber but he was kind of clueless and he was suggesting to replace the cartridges from the mixing faucets from all the bathrooms to see if it disappears (he told us that they were under warranty still and that they might be defective). I do not believe that that might be the solution.

This noise only happens when there are 2 showers or more open

Has somebody has the same problem out there and what might be the possible solution?

joecaption 10-09-2012 12:13 AM

#1 Check the water pressure.
If this is well water check the pressure tanks pressure.
Is there a pressure tank on or near the water heater?

What's it say on the piping, it should not say PVC it should be CPVC which would be a tan color or Pex.

hrojos 10-09-2012 10:54 AM

Hello joecaption
No, I do not have a pressure tank of any source. could it be the main incoming water pressure from the city that one that is to high?

The piping is plastic and yes not like the PVC like the one used in the sprinkler systems, and it is red and blue.

joecaption 10-09-2012 11:05 AM

Then it's most likly Pex not PVC.
If the incoming water pressure is to high it can cause all types of issues.
A home only needs about 60 PSI.
A call to the water company would be a good starting point. They can send someone out and simply install a gauge on an outside faucet to check the pressure.
If that not it then you may just need a a water arrestor. Google it.
Or key word search "water hammer". Really simple to install one when you have Pex tubing but you not likly to have the tool needed to do it. There about $100.00. Home Depot rents them.

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