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Grenade pin faucet?

Bath vanity faucet which is probably been in place for 20 plus years has had an annoying dribble into a bucket under the vanity for awhile...

Decided today was the day to take a look at it. Leaking from underneath around the pop up pass thru. Pulled the pastic knobs to see where the leak was coming from...

Funky looking item that looks like a grenade pin without the finger ring is sitting there... Like a dummy I pulled it and felt like the captain of the Titanic! Its the ONLY thing holding the stem in place! After standing on my head while holding my finger in the dike I turned off the lower shut off valve.

Needless to say its time for a new faucet since this puppy has a lot of plastic and 20 year old peeling chrome coming off of it.

I'm looking at a Delta, American Standard, or Price Pfffister as a replacement
probably in the 60-80 dollar range.

Any opinions on quality/value on any of these [or other] brands?


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Grenade pin faucet?

Delta makes a good faucet, for a reasonable price. American Standard, Kohler, and Moan make decent faucets. Price Pfffister makes absolute garbage.

Whatever you do, do not buy your faucet from Home Depot or Lowes. A plumbing supply house will charge you $20 to $50 more for what may look like the same faucet. It is not the same faucet though. The one at the plumbing supply may be chromed brass vs Home Depots chromed plastic and the one at Home Depot probably has cheap cartridges which can only be bought and Home Depot.

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Grenade pin faucet?

Thanks Marlin!

I was leaning towards the American Standard since they have one in stock that I like the looks of. I have a Delta in the hall bath that I have been happy with.

I like buying the brand names on faucets versus the cheapy for the quality and availbable replacment parts.
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Grenade pin faucet?

I've had all Deltas throughout my home since I built it in 1977, and I really like them for ease of maintenance, etc.
P.S. That "grenade pin without the ring" is called a cotter pin.

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Grenade pin faucet?

I ended up with a nice Americian Standard for about 70 bucks.

People in the store thought I was crazy blinkin all the displays with my finger to see if they were plastic or brass...

Trust me...

This wasnt a cotter pin... Piece of wire in a crimped "C" shape.

I was amazed when I saw it... And the fact it probably lasted 25 years or so.
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