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mikegina 01-28-2013 02:30 PM

The great sump debate.. above or below inlet
It seems I am finding as many comments of 'above the inlet pipe' level is the ideal level. vs. 'keep it below'. I suppose it depends on the scenario.

I am in a brand new build - insert sump pit with inlet pipe top ~ 5 inches from concrete level. Water level, just happens to like to keep at the top of the inlet pipe and float is more than happy to let it stay there (I played around with float getting it to pump lower but it has limited* affect)

The water looks to leak in primarily from around the EXTERIOR of the bottom of the inlet pipe.... FAST until the level is set. Playing around a lot has reduced the spray in to one side of the pipe.

Would it be accurate to say then that because the pump level was 5", that the water has leaked into the gravel/etc. under the slab acting like one giant resevoir? (Interesting is when it got real high, it would actually trickle into the city drain)

Would it be wise to pump the hell out of the system and try to establish water level at just below the water inlet? I had one gentlemen comment that perhaps the weeping tile pipe itself was plugged and the lack of water coming through the weeping tile inlet was a concern (that it was all exterior).

Any thoughts/help would be greatly appreciated!!

jomama45 01-28-2013 03:12 PM

First, don't get too hung up on the inlet height. There's no rhyme or reason on how low we drill them. We usually try to get a substantial amount of pitch on the inlet, so I'd say that 5" form the floor is fairly high for the inlet.

The fact that it's leaking around the bottom of the inlet is very common, and not an issue at all. Depending on what kind of pipe is used (most of ours get "Form-a-Drain now) it's not uncommon for the water to fall right through the draintile and simple run through the drainage stone to the crock.

Personally, I think holding the max. water level at 5" below the floor is dangerous, and allows very little capacity in large rain events. Sure, it's going to run pretty steady for a week or two, but I'd lower it at least 5" more.

When I moved into my house 10 years ago, the previous owner (my Grandfather) had raised the pump 16" off of the bottom with concrete bricks. I took them all out in the first summer, and it ran fairly steady for about 3 weeks, but then has mantained just fine at it's new, much lower setting. Plus, I never need to worry about the sump pump not keeping up in a huge rain, as I know I have tens of thousands of gallons of reserve below the basement floor.............

mikegina 02-01-2013 03:54 PM

Appreciate the feedback
Thanks... it is nice to hear from someone in the business! I figured out that the range for the float on my pump should be 14" from inlet to floor and I only have 11.5"... probably a good reason why it is nearly possible to set up the thing to keep it below inlet level.

Think I will use that one as a back up (kick on if it goes above the 5" top of inlet pipe level) and use a vertical one as a primary... just hoping they can work within the 11.5" confine

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